The SuperDogs are back!

For over three decades, they have been the highlight of the day for kids sitting on the rails of Westman Place. They entertain over 1,000,000 fans every year… yet only in Brandon do the kids get the VIP Seating – “on the Boards”! It’s what makes the SuperDogs Show here so unique.

This year they return as the President’s Choice SuperDogs and are presented by Manitoba Hydro. With renewed vigour and vitality, the world’s most popular dogs promise their fans many new surprises.

It’s always thunderous when one side ‘out-cheers’ the other side of Westman Place with relays or agility competitions. It’s hard to imagine the excitement of the kids and their families when four teams are all running together. And that’s just the beginning of many new events.

It’s the most talented team ever for the Brandon visit, with World Class Agility Champions, Canada’s Frisbee Champion, and our most talented dogs from Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and of course Manitoba. And yes, your favourite SuperDogs from Brandon will be there too.

You really have to see how the SuperDogs “Face Off” in the Westman Place. With new events and plenty of surprises, the President’s Choice Super Dogs are really going to “raise the Woof” at this year’s Royal Manitoba Winter Fair.

SuperDogs afternoon show will take place at approximately 3pm daily. 
An evening show will also take place daily.